(3 months - 3 years)

Our bilingual concept blends education principles with Montessori method, with the aim of developing each child's personality and well- being.

It is a decidedly different way of educating, growing and understanding, wich is all fruit of Montessori's intuitive genius. These original concepts were proved worthy of their value one-hundred years ago, and have been reconfermed today by recent scientific studies and international experiences.


According to the philosophy of Maria Montessori, even a new- born baby is given high consideration. Dr. Montessori believed that even children this young are competent, extremely receptive and instintively driven towards perfection.

Being children, this process is achieved with high intensity, joy and happiness. During development, the child absorbs much from his surronding environment while following his own interior designs.






The adult or teacher in a Montessori prepared environment has a gross responsability. He must prepare, respect, guide and have complete faith in this delicate and fascinating personal growth progress. He must understand the real needs of the child and be able to meet these needs. In an educational sense, it is he (the child) who is our teacher.

Practically speaking, this means that a Montessori teacher indirectly interacts with child in an attentive but loving manner. Never does the teacher give the impression of invading the child space. The teacher spends a great deal of time observing gesting prepared activities geared to helping the child further express his maximum potential. This is why Dr. Montessori coined the saying “Help me to do it by myself”.




The various activities available to the children are done individually or in small groups. They follow a logical seguence wich go hand in hand with interests and capabilities of the child.

They promote po- sitive emotions in the child such as: plea- sure, satisfaction and self -assurance. This activities are linked to everyday tasks frequently performed in the home. The child grows thanks to sensorial exploretion and contemplation through practical life, personal hygiene and other prepared activities. Motor skills are mastered through simple tasks such as: dressing / undressing / opening / closing / turning / loosening / screw following lines / cutting and pasting. Fastening the five senses through these types of activities helps greatly in future language development because it is at this stage when the child is particurarly in a responsive sensorial sense. Because of this sensibility, it is at this age that a bilingual approach is often affective. Using a full immersion method, studies have confirmed that using this method in conjuction with Montessori activities produces favorable formative, cognitive and cultural results.

 The day in the bilingual nursery


we open at 7:30 a.m. and receive children up to 9:30 a.m. we have different sessions hours
7:30/9:30-13:00/13:30 snacks, interaction,lunch all together (staff+children)
7:30/9:30-16.00/16.30 snacks, activities and interaction, lunch, afternoon nap.

7:30/9:30-18:30 morning,afternoon/snack, interaction+activities, lunch, nap, playtime until they leave.

note: hours and sessions can be altereted to suit your needs. prima uscita.

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