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Information on Nursery or English Preschool



"Seeing as/Given that/If it is true that (...) a child is naturally endowed with a specific capacity for the easy acquisition of cultural elements, we ought to exploit the said capacity/this capacity and surround the child with such objects as would enable it, by [merely] handling them, to move its first steps on the pathway to culture". EDUCATION FOR A WORLD"

Education for a new world

Why us?:
  • First of all, we are deeply convinced and motivated in helping the child to grow. The most important years in a child's learning take place from the age of 0-6. In this period his unconcious learning and understanding are gradually brought to a conscious level. This is an important responsability.
  • The child possess a unique sensibility and the intellectual capacity to absorbe and learn from his environment. These characteristics are different from adults both in capacity and quality. We provide the correct stimulus so these capacities are not repressed, but nurtured and developed through learning.
  • The child needs to have work aimed at permitting him to reach his ultimate goal: self development- his mental, physical and psychological possess.
  • Each child must be respected individually. The teacher's job is to observe each child and put before him activities that promote individual growth. All of this takes place in a full-imersion English context, where the child is exposed to a second and in some cases third language. We try hard every day to provide enough imput using the second language immediately. This gives the child the opportunity to absorbe the second language when his mind is most receptive.