The mother tongue teachers will take care of all of your child's needs and interests. They will answer all of your child's questions and give individual instruction on how to use the materials, getting them enthusiastically involved in all of the activities.

brenda foto

My name is Brenda Murphy and I'm the directress of the "Quadrifoglio" School. I started my teacher journey when I was a young woman, as an assistent to a local school. It wasn't hard to understand my life' s calling as from my earliest moments with the children my choise became obvious.
In time, I earned my teaching qualifications, with special interest in Pedagogy. After this, I earned a Montessori specializzation wich gave me further expertise in educating young children. From this experience, I understood my great responsability in protecting, respecting, and guiding the children during this phase of grouth.
My father is American and my mother is Italian, so I was born into a bilingual home. Obviously this was for me a great fortune. To be able to create a bilingual school to give other children the same opportunity as mine is a precious chance that other children should not pass up!
At present, I' m a mother of one( a daughter) and in December our second child will be born. This education/upbringing are very important to my husband and I. This fact makes me even more happy that I had them. I' m sure that through our bilingual school and the Montessori method, we can provide a necessary and solid scholastic base.



foto manuela

Emanuela Scavuzzo (Emy), born in 1985, graduated in science teaching and educational planning in Catania, I have worked in various areas of the education sector, from primary schools, social services and pediatric wards. When I arrived in Milan, I began my experience in the nursery school and cooperation with the online magazine "Fattore Famiglia", taking care of the heading "Una Voce dal Nido".
At "Il Quadrifoglio" I am educator in the  nursery section and representative of  extra-curricular activities(check projects).

I like abstract painting, writing as a mean of communication, Eastern cultures, Christmas songs and pistachio ice cream .. my slogan: smile !!



foto enrica

I am Enrica , I just spent most of my life in the U.SA. and my interest has always been the world of childhood.

For this reason and because I am aware of the importance of an adequate preparation, I strongly wanted to achieve, with great enthusiasm and passion, the diploma of Montessori Educator. Actually I am working as an Montessori – English Teacher at 'IL QUADRIFOGLIO SCHOOL'.





jessica foto

My name is Jessica Coombes, I come from a big family in Australia and have always loved being surrounded by my little baby cousins.

After finishing my studies at university and working for a little while as a secondary school teacher, an opportunity came to me as teaching drama workshops to little kids and at this point I found further interest in working with younger children.

I am currently very passionate about yoga and have always loved the theatre and doing drama; these are two disciplines I feel are vital for a child's development and I am happy that in my current work I can implement these.

Now I am a English kindergarten and preschool teacher in the 'IL QUADRIFOGLIO' SCHOOL.





maria fotoMaria Bolaños.

Born in Nicaragua, spent her childhood in U.S.A and is now living in Milano  since 2011.

Fully trilingual, studied psychology. Now I am working with small children, speaking them in english... and I love this job.

Member of the Quadrifoglio school since 2014.





foto Venus

My name is Venus and I am an English and Art teacher.

Teaching English to young kids is a dream come true for me.

I would like to give them the confidence to speak English and open endless possibilities in the future.

And teaching art encourages the children to open their creative thinking, imagination and expression.






marilena foto

I'm Marilena and I'm a montessori educator. I've been working as an educator for a long time and for 3 years in this school. I love my job and I choose it because for me it is not a duty but a passion I have been cultivating for years.

A child as MONTESSORI teaches us is " a complete being capable of developing creative energies .. "
Our method impels gradually to become more self independent and at the same time learn how to take care of others.

I know that our efforts are not wasted because the children affirm it with their smiles, hugs and happiness




foto faithMy name is Faith.

I am a kindergarten and montessori teacher. I belive  children are the future.

I'm in resonance with Maria Montessori when see said " We must therfore turn to the child as the key to the fate of the future. "

Therefore I find my job to be the greatest of life's privilege!



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